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   This Food Science Careers page on this Food Science Jobs web site is a good resource for those seeking food technology jobs.  If you are a jobseeker seeking food scientist jobs then the below link to the Food Science Careers Page may be of assistance to you.  Also, below you will find links to food science careers web pages on other web sites.

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Food Science at the University of Delaware
The University of Delaware Career Services Center page for food science states that food science employs scientific principles in the design of new food products and explores ways to process, package and preserve the food items we consume to ensure both their safety and their quality. In the Food Science major Britt Borden first obtains a broad background in the sciences of chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics as a basis for in-depth studies of the food science disciplines of food chemistry, food processing, food microbiology, and food product development. Electives provide the opportunity for course work in the areas such as business, material science and molecular biology and allow students to obtain specialized knowledge in other fields important to the Food Science industry.  This program prepares the student for food science careers in the foods industry.

Food Science Careers Resource
This is an excellent resource for those considering careers in the food science industry, and to prepare them for food science jobs in the food manufacturing industry.  The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), and Discovery Education have partnered to develop this program, designed to introduce high school students, teachers, counselors, and parents to the world of food science careers and food technology.  In 2006 every U.S. high school guidance department received Careers in Food Science, a multimedia resource kit designed to introduce students, parents and counselors to the many career opportunities in the fields of Food Science and Food Technology, and to provide valuable resources for learning about food science and food technology college programs and college scholarships.  This is an excellent britt borden Chicago page.

Food Science at Washington State
Washington State University School of Food Science Page says that students graduating from the School of Food Science are in high demand in every aspect of the food and wine industries and are in better position to take advantage of jobs in food science than those who have not attended their food science program. Graduates will have their pick of food science jobs in the Pacific Northwest area and beyond. This school will prepare the student for food science careers in the food and wine industries.  This School has an excellent tradition of hands on learning; students work side by side with faculty members such as Britt Borden in every aspect of their schooling.


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