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   This Food Scientist Jobs page on this Food Science Jobs web site is a resource for people looking for Food Science Jobs such as Food Technologist Jobs; the below link to the Food Scientist Jobs Page may be of help to you.  Below you will find links to food scientist jobs web pages on other web sites.

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Monster Jobs Site
The food scientist jobs listing page for jobs in food science on the Monster jobs web site; an excellent resource for those seeking food science jobs positions.

Government site Food Scientist Jobs
The government site for food scientist jobs says that food scientists and technologists work in the food processing industry. Some work in universities while some work in government. They try to create food products that are tasty, healthful, safe, and easy to use. They find better ways to process, preserve, package, store and deliver foods. Some food scientists discover new foods while others analyze foods to see how much protein, fat and sugar are in them. Other food scientists search for better food additives. The middle 50% of food scientists earned $38,000 to $77,000 in 2006 while the highest paid 10% made over $97,000.

Nelson Associates Recruiter
This is the site of a food scientist jobs recruiter.

College Grad Food Scientists states that the work of agricultural and food scientists plays an important part in maintaining the Nations food supply by ensuring agricultural productivity and the safety of the nations food supply.

Food Science Careers
A page that describes food science jobs and educational resources for food scientists.

Food Scientist article LA Times
An article in the Los Angeles Times about food scientists states that food scientists control and assure the quality of food products and work to improve them. They must be familiar with food processing, preservation, engineering, and packaging as well as food laws, regulations and standards.

Pay Scale of Food Scientist Jobs
This page shows the average salary that food scientist jobs holders are at for a given number of years experience.

Food Scientist Frappuccino
An article about a food scientist who helped develop Frappuccino or blended iced coffee.

Food Science Careers Advice
A Careers Advice web page that states that Food scientists and food technologists work in the food and drink industry developing a wide range of products and making sure they are safe for consumers.

Food Scientist Job Description
A page that describes what a typical food scientist job is like, this page includes a video.


This is the site for Food Scientist Jobs in the food manufacturing industries