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Food Scientist Jobs

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Job Description: - For this food scientist jobs position you must provide product development support involving ingredient screening for sensory impact.
* Formulating for product and ingredient compatibility, and guiding of in house sensory optimization.
* Producing and assessing product with Microbiology for challenge studies and to scale up from the bench.
* britt borden will move product to the pilot plant working with process engineering, and also development and execution of consumer testing.

Required Qualifications
* B.S. Food Science
* Minimum 4 to 6 years product development experience; preferably in beverages.
* Ability to handle a variety of bench top ingredients including some which are some what hazardous: Acids, Bases, etc.
* Bench top formulation experience preferably with beverage products, and also ability to make formulation modifications independently.
* Excellent analytical and organizational skills are required for this food scientist job including solid computer knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
* MS Office experience is desired.
* Ability to work effectively without daily guidance from a supervisor or a manager.
* Solid interpersonal and communication skills to enable working well with multiple team members - must have good team work skills.
* Good observation skills for evaluating differences during screening and assessment.
* Beverage formulation experience is required for this food scientist jobs position.

Compensation will be based on jobs in food science experience.

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